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Founded in 2016 by a group of Toyger cat breeders and owners, the Toyger Cat Club set out to help promote and develop this beautiful, exotic cat in the United Kingdom, as well as achieve GCCF affiliation for the club and?full Championship status for the Toyger.

Explore our website to find out everything you need to know about registering, breeding and showing your Toygers with the GCCF or feel free to contact us.






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A Club For Everyone!

We have a committee of Toyger owners and breeders with considerable knowledge and experience of the Toyger breed, who are ready to offer help, advice and support to all new members.

Our treasurer, Dr Sue Moreland is also the GCCF Veterinary Officer and is able to help on all veterinary rules relating to GCCF shows as well as general veterinary advice.

We have many more great benefits for our members so to find out more, please click below.

To become a GCCF recognised breed, 60 Merit Certificates need to be awarded.

A maximum of 4 Merit Certificates per Toyger will be counted; if awarded by 4 different judges and no more than 2 were won as a kitten.

If you win a Merit, please email so the progress number and the Toyger GCCF Merits List can be updated.

Toyger Merits Progress

Toygers For Sale

Looking for a Toyger?

Buying a Toyger as a family pet is a big commitment that should not be rushed into. Toygers are dog-like and become very attached to their owners, often craving more attention than most cats.

Take your time to think about the undertaking you are considering and whether a Toyger is right for your current and future circumstances. Do not allow yourself to be swept along on a tide of emotion, only to realise later that you made a mistake.

A new Toyger cat or kitten can be a wonderful addition to the family and that is just what it should be, so please take the time to decide whether it is for you.

GCCF Registered

UK Toyger Breeders


Market Drayton, Shropshire

A vet and small, established, hobby breeder with over 15 years experience breeding friendly, show winning, GCCF registered Toygers.

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Grantham, Lincolnshire

A passionate breeder with a priority of producing healthy Toyger kittens that develop into happy, loving, friendly cats.

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Brandon, Suffolk

Over 10 years experience of breeding and showing Toygers and focusing on high standards with excellent temperaments.

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Stoke Goldington, Bucks

 Experienced breeder of Bengals. Now also breeding Toygers for health, excellent temperament and show quality. All GCCF registered.

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Our Members Toygers

All photos and videos on this gallery are from our club members and breeders. If you are a member and would like your Toyger Cat or Kitten featured here, please send us an email at with your image or video attached, as well as your Toygers name and we will post it as soon as possible.

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