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Buying a Toyger as a family pet is a big commitment that should not be rushed into. Toygers are dog-like and become very attached to their owners, often craving more attention than most cats.

Take your time to think about the undertaking you are considering and whether a Toyger?is right for your current and future circumstances. Do not allow yourself to be swept along on a tide of emotion, only to realise later that you made a mistake.

A new Toyger cat or kitten can be a wonderful addition to the family and that is just what it should be, so please take the time to decide?whether it is for you.

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Updated 29 April 2018

No Toyger kittens currently available for sale

Toygers are still very rare in the UK?but we hope one of our breeder members can help you.

Prices range from ?500 to ?2,000.

Good breeders should be patient and understanding in answering all of your questions, but remember they have concerns as well. Having spent time and love in raising their kittens they will want to be reassured about their future. Choosing the right kitten for you should also involve the breeder, who has known the kittens since birth and can tell you all about their individual ways.

Updated 29 April 2018

No adult Toygers currently available for rehoming

Occasionally, we have adult Toygers that are looking for a new home. This may be due to ill health, an unexpected change in circumstances or a retiring Stud or Queen.

If you have a Toyger and need to find he/she a new loving home, please contact us to help you do so. We strive to ensure all Toygers go to happy and loving homes, where they can spend the rest of their days.

To be the notified when an adult Toyger is needing a new home, you can join our Toyger Welfare and Rehoming UK Facebook page.

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Our breeder members, breed and register their Toyger kittens according to the strict?Toyger Cat Club Code of Conduct?and the GCCF Registration Policy for Toygers and GCCF General Breeding Policy.
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