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We’ve Reached 30 Merits!

To become a GCCF recognised breed, 60 Merit Certificates need to be awarded. A maximum of 4 Merit Certificates per Toyger will be counted; if awarded by 4 different judges and no more than 2 were won as a kitten. If you win a Merit, please...

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Toyger GCCF Standard of Points Updated

The Toyger Standard of Points has been revised slightly and the changes were approved at the last meeting of the GCCF Council on 4/10/2017. When showing a Toyger at a GCCF show, please make sure you put a copy of this updated version on the top of your pen for the...

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Toyger Cat Club AGM and Breed Seminar

On 2nd July 2017, we will have our Annual General Meeting and after, a breed seminar where you can learn about the Toyger breed, meet Toyger adults and kittens. VENUE White House Cattery, Newark Hill, Foston, Grantham, Lincolnshire, NG32 2LF. TIME Toyger Cat Club AGM...

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The Bengal Cat Club Show 2016

What a fab day at the Bengal Cat Club Show! We had the largest entry of Toygers yet for a GCCF show and all 5 were awarded Merits!Best in Show – AOV Variety Assessment was Mistymogwai Knight Indarksatin, he also won the Toyger Adult Assessment Class with Mistymogwai...

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The National Pet Show 2016

The Toyger Cat Club officially launched at this show and was inundated with visitors full of questions and adoring the lovely Toygers. We even got a comment from the organisers that due to a large number of visitors wanting to pet their soft fur, we used the most hand...

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